Gardening Tools for Beginners

You are planning a garden and are naturally super excited about it. But before going on a buying spree, do consider the essential tools that make gardening much easier. Without these tools, maintaining your dream garden will be an arduous task.

Essential Hand-held Tools

The Japanese Hori-Hori, often referred to as a weeding knife or soil knife, is a multipurpose steel knife that is used for digging, weeding, transplanting saplings, planting seeds, slicing tough roots, sod cutting or harvesting tuberous crops. It is one of the most essential hand-held tools you need to maintain your garden.

The secateurs or hand-pruner is another essential tool that is a must-have in your garden kit. Pruning is a regular job and quite tiring too. So having an excellent set of secateurs is absolutely necessary. Ordinary scissors can never do the job well when you want to cut hard stems and branches.


The hand rake is another essential tool you need to manipulate your soil. You can use the hand rake to smoothen small areas of soil, remove weeds or as a small tiller to turn the soil over.

Apart from the above, you can also buy a pair of gardening scissors form your garden supplies store for pruning specific parts of your plants.

Essential Tools with a Long Handle

As part of your gardening toolkit, you will also need some long-handled tools for jobs that cannot be performed by hand-held tools.

The bow rake becomes necessary when you want to manipulate a large stretch of soil at one go. Apart from levelling the soil or tilling it, the bow rake is also highly effective in removing dry leaves and branches and other debris from your garden.

long handled tools

The digging fork is used to manoeuvre soil deep below the surface. It is more effective as compared to ordinary spades and makes the task easier too. Digging forks are used to lift, loosen or turn over soil deeply from inside.

The round-headed shovel is another essential gardening tool you can’t do without. The round-headed shovel is perfect for moving large quantities of soil easily. You can also use it to transplant your plants or dig out sturdy stumps or weeds.

The water hose is something your garden can’t do without. It not only removes the hassle of carrying buckets of water but also allows you to water plants that are growing in corners or hard to reach spots.

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