The Top 6 Flowers for Aussie Summers

Top 6 Flowers for Aussie Summers

In the Australian summer, we need bright, bold flowers that can take the harsh conditions. However, choosing the right flowering plants for your garden and pots can be tricky. Fret not! We take the guesswork out of the picture with our suggestions for the top summer flowers to grow in Australia.


These blooms are the most vivid and trouble-free flowers out there, flowering continuously for up to nine months. These flowers work well in hanging baskets or peeking out through large tubs.
These flowers are available in a range of colours including pink, purple, red, pink, yellow and mauve as well as multicoloured varieties.


The frangipani is a symbol of summer. Its sweet fragrance mesmerises people endlessly. Frangipanis bloom from December to April and flourish in well-drained soil, frost-free conditions and lots of sunshine. They grow well by the beach in sandy soil and are a great option to plant along the coast.
Frangipani trees can reach 6m in height, making for a perfect shading option on the western side of your house. There’s an endless variety to choose from and a range of shades to match.


Zinnias are an ideal summer flower for any garden. Flowering from late spring to early winter, these soft, bright daisy-like blooms stand apart in the garden. Zinnias love sunny positions. Growing habits of zinnias vary ranging from small shrubs to dwarf size. Regular deadheading and fertilising will boost flowering.


One look at their succulent leaves and you know that these plants can survive even in drought conditions. They thrive well in hot, dry and coastal conditions, producing their brilliant blooms during the warm months.
Colours range from yellows and tangerines to crimsons and pinks. Use these beauties to underplant shrubs in a tub or trail them beautifully over the rim of wall pots.


Bougainvilleas are a beloved flower within the gardening community for their hardy qualities and all year blooms. These quintessential tropical vines are drought-tolerant and the flowers are stunningly brilliant.
They thrive in any free-draining soil and enjoy the sunshine. In fact, they grow well in pots and confined gardens.


Lavender is a plant that’s easy to grow. The very presence of these blooms brings about a sense of calm and peace. Their serene fragrance is unmatched and the blanket of colours that this flower creates is simply stunning. Lavender thrives in dry winter and hot summer and is ideally suited for growing in pots, clipped hedges, herb circle, courtyard or knot garden.

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