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Top Flowers to Grow This Winter in Australia

Most gardeners in Australia spend three freezing winter months pruning the unwieldy canopies of trees and plants, clearing away dead leaves, and harvesting autumn blooms. Nevertheless, if you consider yourself to be a passionate gardener, you’ll find many flowering plants that thrive during the harsh winter months. Regardless of whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, […]

Top Five Natural Mulch Ideas for Your Garden

natural mulch ideas

Applying organic mulch to soil boosts its fertility which in turn enables plants to grow to their full potential. Additionally, mulching helps improve the soil’s constitution by restoring nutrients, keeps out pests and weeds, and insulates roots and soil in winter. Proper mulching ensures you spend more time focussing on how to improve yields and […]

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass – A Brief Guide

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass – A Brief Guide Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is easily the most sought after variety of grass in Australia, abounding in over 500,000 homes. Not only does this grass variety appear majestic and striking both in sunlight and shade but also needs minimal maintenance. No wonder this grass variety is incredibly […]