Top 7 Easy to Grow Fruit Plants and Trees to Grow for Beginners

fruit trees

Gardening is an extremely rewarding hobby. Not only do you get to grow your own fruits and veggies, you are in constant touch with nature.

It is extremely stress-relieving, makes you feel happy and gives a tremendous sense of satisfaction when you see your efforts bearing fruit. It keeps you healthy and active. What’s more, your property looks beautiful with greenery all around.

However, if you are a beginner, it is best to start with a few fruit plants and trees you can grow easily.


Who doesn’t love the flavour of luscious strawberries plucked fresh from the garden! This is one of the best fruit plants for beginners to grow. The best thing about strawberries is that they can be grown in hanging baskets, containers and window boxes or into the ground. They love plenty of sunshine and a well-drained soil.


These are great autumn harvest fruit plants that require little maintenance. You can plant them in containers or in clusters throughout your green patch. These can be harvested from late summer until early autumn as they love sunshine.


An excellent fruit plant for beginners, blueberries come with twin benefits. They flaunt beautifully scented flowers in the spring which mature to give luscious and nutritious fruits in late summer. They require a moist, acidic soil and bear fruits in about three years.


Another easy-to-maintain fruit plant that is just perfect for your kitchen garden. They can be harvested early if you want a tangy flavour. If you want them sweet, give them time to ripen before you harvest. These plants with succulent fruits are very hardy and grow best in a semi-shaded area.


When it comes to fruit-bearing trees for your garden, nothing beats the delicious apple. A fully-grown apple tree laden with fruits is indeed a beautiful sight. Choose a variety depending on your taste and the space you have in your green patch. For smaller areas, you can grow the trees in large tubs.


Perfect for hedges, these hardy shrubs can grow almost anywhere and don’t demand a lot of maintenance. You can wind the stems around wires for a great looking hedge. In fact, harvesting becomes easier this way.


Currants are hardy, bushy shrubs that come in different varieties like white, red and black. Currants are great for making jams and jellies or decorating a dessert. You can freeze them too and enjoy them throughout the year.

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