Six Benefits of Gardening with Kids

Kids love to be involved in projects around the house, and it usually doesn’t take long to reap the rewards that gardening with your kids can bring to the whole family.  There are many reasons to involve children in gardening tasks, and here are just a few ways that home gardening will benefit not only your kids but the whole family.

Healthy Eating

Now more than ever, the benefits of eating a variety of home grown fruits and vegetables are so important.  By involving kids in the growing and harvesting process, you are encouraging them to eat well while broadening their food horizons.  Kids feel proud to grow and harvest their own food, and are much more likely to try vegetables that they’ve grown themselves.

Teaches Responsibility

The process of watering and tending to a garden quickly shows kids that they need to give constant attention and maintenance to their patch, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.  They will learn that a neglected garden overrun by weeds and pests simply leads to more work ….conversely a garden lovingly tended to with regular watering and checking for pests and new growth brings a sense of joy and pride.  Depending on their age you can give them a specific task and let them run with it.  Use this as a tool to teach them.

Family Bonding

From the planning to the gardening and finally the harvesting, the family will be closer with a task they can do together.  There’s no better time to engaged with your kids and keep them enthusiastic about a gardening project you can share together.  Keep the enthusiasm up by regularly asking your kids about their favourite gardening experiences say at the dinner table or at the end of the day…you will be surprised just how much they will love talking about their favourite gardening project.

Teaches Patience

Kids will soon learn that gardens take time to plan, prepare, plant and finally harvest.  Each stage takes time and mother nature can’t be rushed.  In today’s fast paced environment, patience is a wonderful skill for kids to learn at any age.

Engages all the Senses

From seeing the beautiful rainbow of colours, to hearing the crunchy bite of a home grown vegetable, gardening brings all the senses together.  It’s easy to chat to kids and develop their sensory play while you’re enjoying the garden together…..smelling the herbs and even squishing their hands in the soil brings a further element of fun for kids to enjoy.

Planning and Organising

Different plants have different requirements throughout the year.  Some grow better in spring or autumn, others need more water and some are best grown next to a specific plant.  By talking to your kids about how you plan and organise your garden, it assists them to learn that planning is a vital aspect to the whole project and gives them a new appreciation of all that’s involved.

We hope you consider involving your kids more in all aspects of gardening, it really has so many wonderful benefits.

Happy gardening!

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