Sir Walter Buffalo Grass – A Brief Guide

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass – A Brief Guide

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is easily the most sought after variety of grass in Australia, abounding in over 500,000 homes. Not only does this grass variety appear majestic and striking both in sunlight and shade but also needs minimal maintenance. No wonder this grass variety is incredibly popular with the majority of homeowners.

This guide on ‘Sir Walter Buffalo Grass’ is ideal for someone who is considering whether to cover his lawn or garden with this grass strain.

What is Sir Walter Buffalo Grass?

Sir Walter Buffalo is as popular as other Buffalo Grass varieties in Australia including Sapphire, Palmetto and Matilda. These Buffalo Grass strains share some typical attributes such as broad leaves, high tolerance to wear & tear and drought. These grass types also tend to be extremely resistant to inclement weather and need minimal maintenance.

Sir Walter, like all other approved grass varieties in Australia has its distinct PBR (Australian Plant Breeder’s Rights) #96/226. So, while you buy this grass variety, check its PBR number to ensure you’re paying for authentic ‘DNA Certified Buffalo Grass’.

What Makes Sir Walter the No. 1 Buffalo Grass in Australia?

Native to Australia, Sir Walter was reared to be resilient and hardy and at the same time appear gorgeous. Over 500,000 homeowners in Australia have bought more than 60 million meters of Sir Walter Buffalo in the past 23 years. Aussies opt for Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass because it can grow and hold its own in drought, frost, intense heat, shade and glaring sun.

The Best Grass Variety That You Can Choose for Your Lawn

Sir Walter Buffalo has broad leaves that photosynthesise effectively, thereby making it highly shade tolerant. Sir Walter grass can survive and thrive even in areas that receive less than 4 hours of sunlight every day. The grass can withstand cold weather, moisture and drought as well as recover quickly.

This DNA Certified Buffalo Grass variety is highly resistant to pests, fungi, and insects thereby doing away with the need to use fungicides or pesticides. Sir Walter is non-allergic to pets and kids. Sir Walter’s thickness keeps weeds at bay and checks evaporation of water. You can grow the grass in your lawn both in the shade and in sunlight.

Therefore, you can choose Sir Walter for your entire garden or lawn. The roots of Sir Walter Buffalo go deep down under the surface soil soaking up the moisture which helps keep the grass cool. Consequently, this grass type keeps your turf cooler compared to synthetic turf, concrete, and soil.

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