10 Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Have

A basic set of tools is important to make gardening tasks such as seeding, weeding and fertilising, easier, and the results faster and more satisfactory.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, these are the top 10 gardening tools you must have in your gardening toolkit.


This is perhaps the most important tool that no garden lover could afford to ignore. Whether you are clearing weeds, removing thorns or using a trimming hand tool, a good pair of gloves is essential to protect your hands from injury.

The prolonged use of hand tools with bare hands can make your palms rough. A tough pair of gloves can prevent such exposure while you enjoy your gardening.

Digging Shovel

A good quality digging shovel will make it easy for you to loosen up the soil over a large patch. The D-handle ensures a good grip while the step plates keep you firm on your feet when you are on the job.

Hand Fork

A compact and tough tool to make your way through hard and lumpy soil, the hand fork helps ensure you have a fine surface for your plants to grow. It is also a great tool to mix your compost most efficiently.


This is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to remove twigs, leaves, moss and thatch; breaking down hard soil; and levelling mulch or soil. Rakes come in two distinct variants – those with a straight head and those that are used to remove leaves and twigs. You can complete a variety of common gardening tasks easily with both these tools.


Any gardener would vouch for the convenience that this tool lends when it comes to watering a garden efficiently. You can choose a hose in an array of materials (e.g., rubber, vinyl, etc.), colours and lengths.

Consider using a sprayer attachment with the hose for added convenience.


A pair of good-quality secateurs are extremely handy when you want to chop down overgrowing thick branches. Long-handled pruners are a larger and tougher variant of secateurs that work great for longer and stronger branches.


Sheers come handy when you want to cut a bunch of thinner stems. You can use them to cut overgrown hedges, long grasses and flowering plants in the process of deadheading.

Edging Spade

This is a highly efficient tool for edging landscapes beautifully, cutting roots, and removing mulch or soil from surfaces such as truck beds and sidewalks.


A lawnmower, be it manual or electric, is a must-have if you are maintaining a lawn. A mower makes the task of cutting grass easy and efficient. When you want to get the task done easily, choose an electric mower.


This is an extremely efficient tool to move your tools and heavy loads around the garden. A steel wheelbarrow is best if you deal with heavy loads often.

Gardening Tools

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