Filters for Kitchen Compost Bin – Charcoal Filter Replacement 12 Pack, 1cm Thick, Fits Bucket Composter Gallon Pail… Price: $40.43 (as of 17/10/2021 13:08 PST- Details)

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Much thought went into the design of our kitchen compost bin filters. Each piece of our filters has a snug fit in compatible lids to let the much-needed airflow of oxygen in to aerate while not allowing the stinky smell out. The length of our square filter is larger than most OEM filters and that allows it to lie flush against the lid’s aeration vent holes on the inside – you can see the filter from the outside and this allows you to gauge any fruit fly issues you might have!
DUAL FILTER SYSTEM MEANS DOUBLE THE ODOR PROTECTION: We believe our activated charcoal filters will be one of your most favorite compost bin accessories! Some OEM filters – smaller in dimension, thinner, and subpar – provide you only 1 flimsy filter accessory, but our set has 2 and are twice as thick as most other replacements. The thicker the filtration, the better the absorption of odors and the sooner you can enjoy fresh, odor-free composting from your countertops!
RESEALABLE PACKAGING: You’ve already decided to be eco-friendly by composting your biodegradable scraps – we want to help you be eco by preserving the absorbency of the tabletop or countertop compost bin charcoal filters you’re not using so that they can later be used to their full potential as spares to replace old, smelly, no longer absorbent filter inserts. Unlike many other filters, our filters come in a convenient, resealable zip seal bag for storage!

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